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Sessions available face to face or online
Counselling and Psychotherapy in Ipswich and Woodbridge
Hello, I'm Polly
Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious? Would you like to access counselling or just some listening and support right now. You may be feeling isolated and have no one else to talk to or be finding it difficult to share your problems with family and friends.
I understand that sometimes life can be tough, full of problems and issues that we just can’t cope with anymore and turning to family or friends for help just isn’t an option. I believe in creating a safe and calm space for you to talk where you can share difficult feelings and emotions. I offer online therapy, phone and face to face counselling. 
This is the first step forward. "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become", Carl Jung.
Polly Royle Counselling - Ipswich and Woodbridge
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For an appointment please contact me on: 
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