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Polly Royle, therapeutic support in Colcheser for couples and individuals
 Therapy can help you to express yourself, enabling the opportunity to cope and find a way to lead the life you want to live.  

From either of my practices in Ipswich or Woodbridge, my approach is to work with and alongside you helping to make changes to any of your life's experiences which have led you to seek counselling.

Finally, finding the right counsellor who you feel you can get along with is really important. It's important you feel comfortable, supported and at ease with your counsellor.


You have already taken the first step forward.


Please contact me for a chat and let's see if we can start making your life better again. 


Polly Royle, therapy in Colchester, Essex
The aim is for us to work together where you can explore what you need to in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space.

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